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Water-Jet Blasting

Water-jet blasting is a highly efficient means of removing marine fouling, rust, and scale from a wide range of subsea infrastructure including steel, concrete, and timber surfaces.

Often conducted prior to visual inspection to clear marine growth from structures to facilitate an efficient inspection, water-jet blasting is also highly effective on propellers, sea-chests and related vessel running-gear to ensure a thorough clean around hard-to-reach niche areas.

The pressure is delivered to the diver via a surface pump, drawing water from the dive site at pressures ranging from 2000psi – over 8000psi, ensuring a highly portable and efficient cleaning solution.

We are always mindful of asset integrity when using extreme high-pressure blasting, and mitigate the risk of damage to assets. That is why we make sure to closely consult our valued clients to ensure the correct delivery pressures are maintained during water-jet blasting operations.

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