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Underwater Welding & Broco Cutting

With over 20 years of heavy fabrication engineering experience, our Deep Bight Marine team is strategically positioned to safely and efficiently execute any underwater welding and underwater Broco cutting (Thermal lancing) project.

From non-structural underwater welding and underwater demolition all the way through to advanced coded structural underwater welds. Our Deep Bight Marine team of experts can professionally do it all.

If you need an underwater welding or cutting requirement on your project, get in touch with our friendly team today for expert solutions and advice.

Underwater Wet Welding Services

Deep Bight Marine are the experts in underwater wet-welding. We are equipped with the latest welding technologies and are strategically positioned to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Wet welding involves the use of shielded arc-welding techniques by a highly qualified diver/welder.

The welding system is specially designed for subsea use, including fully-insulated cables, hand-pieces, and electrodes.

To ensure our diver’s safety, we only use  DC current in performing wet welding, with a knife-switch breaker employed on the surface to allow the dive supervisor to immediately cut the current flow as required.

Wet Welding Electrodes

Hydroweld® FS Wet Welding Electrodes

  • Rutile, flux-coated manual arc welding electrode
  • Suitable for finely-rippled, butt/groove & fillet welds on both Carbon & Manganese steels underwater
  • Approved for use with international welding standards including AWS D3.6 Specifications for underwater welding

Barracuda® Gold Wet Welding Electrodes

  • Rutile, flux-coated manual arc welding electrode
  • Suitable for all types of structural steel
  • Approved by Lloyds and ABS.
  •  The nearest specification equivalent, in accordance with BSEN ISO 2560: 2005 may be regarded as; E4621NiRR51 and/or American Welding Society; AWS A5.1:2004 E7014.

BROCO® SofTouch™ Wet Welding Electrodes

  • SofTouch™ electrodes are used for wet welding repairs in many applications where steel must be joined underwater according to code specifications. 
  • SofTouch™ welds consistently meet or exceed AWS D3.6-99 specifications for Class B welds in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead).
  • SofTouch™ is designed to pass all AWS test requirements, including radiograph, tensiles, bends and hardness.

Underwater Broco® Cutting (UltraThermic Lancing)

Deep Bight Marine specializes in underwater demolitions using the powerful Broco® underwater cutting system.

Broco® thermal lancing is the most efficient & cost-effective means of completing almost any form of underwater cutting, gouging and piercing operations.

Utilizing extremely high cutting temperatures (5000c), Broco cutting allows the diver to easily cut through any material including concrete, steel, wood, and rock.

These rods cut through marine growth, rust, and mill scale, eliminating the need for pre-cleaning and helping to lower operating costs and reducing bottom time.

Passing a DC current of approximately 150A through the insulated system to the diver along with a stream of pressurized O2 which increases appropriately with depth, with the use of an isolation knife switch, the supervisor can disengage the current and the diver can continue cutting as soon as an arc is achieved, keeping the diver safe and minimizing risk of electric shock.

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