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Underwater Inspection & Survey Services​

Maintaining a clear understanding of the condition of underwater infrastructure and/or seabed conditions is absolutely crucial in ensuring the ongoing serviceability of those assets. This is especially true in the case of vessels, moorings & wharf installations, allowing you to make informed decisions about the scope of required maintenance, repairs or damage impact.

In addition to this, there is a legislative requirement for foreign vessels arriving in Australian ports to be thoroughly inspected for marine invasive species including the Black Striped Mussel, The Asian Mussel, The Asian Paddle Crab, and many others. We take bio-security very seriously, ensuring that all equipment used in at-risk areas is fully quarantined and sterilized following invasive species inspections.

For further information on marine invasive species legislation & identification, please see the Australian Government Marine Pests Website.

No matter what your underwater inspection or survey requirements are, Deep Bight Marine specialize in providing comprehensive yet easy-to-interpret solutions and services.

We are fully equipped to deliver survey/inspection reports in a number of formats, including high definition video, high definition photos, and written documents.

Please see below for a full outline of our underwater survey services as well as our underwater inspection services.

If you need to have an underwater inspection or vessel survey, contact our expert team of inspection divers today for further details.

In-water vessel surveys

Vessel Surveys

Vessel G.V.I video inspections and clearance, Port Lincoln.

Wharf Inspections

Invasive species inspection by deep bight marine, south australia

Invasive Species Inspections

Seabed survey by deep bight marine, port lincoln

Seabed Surveys

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