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Air-Lift Dredging

Air-lift dredging involves the use of a driver-controlled section of a wide-gauge pipe fitted to a compressed air supply at the base. By pumping the compressed air through the pipe, utilizing the Venturi effect, debris is sucked upwards towards the surface and cast-off to another area away from the work-site.

Air-lifts can be fabricated in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate different dredging requirements and seabed materials.

Diver-operated air-lift dredging is a highly efficient means of clearing silt, sand, mud and rock particles from the seabed for a multitude of applications including:

If you have a subsea dredging or seabed-clearance requirements for your construction project, get in touch with the friendly team of experts at Deep Bight Marine today!

Air Lift Dredging

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