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Ship Husbandry

Deep Bight Marine is equipped to manage all forms of ship’s husbandry needs. Our extensive experience in managing underwater maintenance, inspections, and repairs covers all commercial vessels ranging from small commercial fishing boats through to large modern cruise-liners and New-Panamax class cargo ships.

Our in-water capabilities are combined with our in-house certified vessel surveyor and vessel managers. This is to quickly and easily inspect, assess, repair and maintain the integrity of their vessel without the need for costly and time-consuming dry-docking.

Our in-water ship husbandry services minimize downtime and increase the useful service life of the vessel. This also helps in reducing the cost impact of planned and unplanned maintenance tasks and returning the vessel faster than traditional repairs in dry-dock.

Call our friendly team of vessel maintenance experts to know how we can assist you to lower your cost overheads and keep your vessel running.

Underwater Ship Husbandry Services

Inspections & Non-Destructive Testing

F.V Lukina II hull inspection & repairs - Pt. Lincoln

Underwater Repairs and maintenance

Damaged sonar fairing on FV Lukina II
Damaged sonar fairing on FV Lukina II

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