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Propeller Polishing Services

A propeller fouled with marine growth is one of the most common causes of high fuel costs and increased drive-train wear-and-tear. These issues are the main concern of vessel operators, as the high cost and delays associated with dry-docking and repairs or cleaning of propellers quickly degrade operational efficiency and profitability.

The significant benefits of maintaining the propellers of commercial vessels in any size are well known. Through years of intensive development,  Deep Bight Marine has perfected the process to ensure optimum results in the shortest possible time-frames.

The immediate and long-term benefits of implementing regular underwater propeller polishing services include:

  • Significant improvements in fuel burn rates
  • Minimize wear-and-tear on critical drive-train components due to excess marine growth
  • Fix or improve propeller cavitation, increasing efficiency
  • Increase in-water service intervals of your vessel
  • Minimizing maintenance costs such as propeller and cutlass-bearing replacement

Utilizing a multi-step, hydraulic tool-assisted polishing process conducted by highly experienced commercial divers. Deep Bight Marines’ specialized propeller polishing process has become an integral aspect of numerous vessel fuel efficiency programs.

With the use of internationally accepted Rupert Scale, Deep Bight Marines expert propeller polishing team is able to deliver outstanding results to clients, regardless of the level of fouling to propeller surfaces.

The Rupert Scale allows our divers to accurately gauge and compare propeller surface roughness against an internationally-preferred scale, as required by numerous class societies such as ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), Lloyds, the United States Navy and similar organizations, for the determination of the condition and serviceability of ship’s propeller surfaces.

The table below represents the values of the Rupert Scale, with each level of roughness increasing from A through F. The nominal roughness values of each level can be seen in the center and right columns, measured in Micrometres.

Deep Bight Marine are the experts in providing underwater propeller polishing services.

Contact us today and experience the benefits of a professionally cleaned propeller for your vessel!

Rupert scale for propeller roughness
Rupert scale for propeller roughness

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