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Marine Salvage

Marine salvage is a highly complex and potentially dangerous task. With our extensive diving & engineering background, Deep Bight Marine stand at the forefront of safe, efficient and cost-effective underwater salvage solutions.

Employing a wide range of specialized, project-specific salvage techniques, our team of highly trained & experienced salvage divers works closely with our clients to develop risk-mitigated solutions to complex search & recovery operations.

Although every salvage project is unique and requires an individualized approach, the vast majority of salvage operations include most or all of the following components:

  • 1.) Pre-salvage inspection dive(s) to accurately assess the scope and nature of the salvage task. The scope of the initial inspection will be dictated primarily by the complexity of the project.

  • 2.) Client & insurance provider consultation and joint development of a detailed project plan & SWP (Safe work procedure). This is one of the most critical steps of the entire project, ensuring that all technical, safety and logistical considerations are taken into account. This ensures the safety of all personnel along with ensuring a time-and-cost effective execution.

  • 3.) Mobilization of vessel and diving team. Once the project plan and SWP(s) are approved, our team will then quickly mobilize to the salvage site either by sea from a dive vessel or land-side via our mobile dive-control vehicle (depending on the nature of the salvage) and prepare to commence work.

  • 4.) Commencement of salvage operations. From here we commence salvage operations, working directly to our project plan and using the SWP(s) developed earlier. Due to the potentially dangerous nature of marine salvage works, Deep Bight Marine maintains safety of all personnel as the top priority throughout the life of the project.

  • 5.) Post-salvage inspection and debrief. Depending on operational requirements, a post-salvage worksite inspection may be required to ensure the area is cleared of all navigational hazards. Once operations are completed, a detailed work report will be provided, along with an extensive debrief to review the success of the projects and capture all relevant feedback.

With decades of light & heavy salvage & subsea engineering experience, Deep Bight Marine are your partners for all your marine salvage requirements. If you have an underwater salvage need, contact our expert team for more information.

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