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Hydraulic Tools

Deep Bight Marine is fully-equipped with the latest hydraulically-driven underwater tools. Able to deploy in almost any underwater environment, our suite of specialized Stanley hydraulic tools allows us to strategically complete a wide range of subsea tasks including pile cutting & removal, underwater infrastructure demolition, wharf demolitions, underwater debris removal, propeller polishing, general underwater cleaning and much more!

Our hydraulic tools feature positive dead-man triggers, It means that the tool will automatically cease operation if the trigger is released. This ensures the safety of divers when conducting underwater construction and demolition operations.

To keep our commitment in environmentally-friendly best-practice, Deep Bight Marine uses only Eco-Smart® 100% bio-degradable hydraulic oil in all tools, which leaves no harmful contaminants in the water and is completely friendly to the marine environment.

If you have an underwater demolition or construction requirement, get in touch with our Deep Bight Marine team and experience exceptional service.

Stanley Hydraulic Chainsaw

The Stanley Tools CS11 Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaw is capable of easily cutting all types of underwater timber structures including piles, wharf timbers & tree trunks, with a nominal cutting capacity of 20in.

With a low drive-speed yet almost double the torque of a conventional chainsaw, the CS11 is extremely safe for the diver to operate in a subsea environment.


  • Nominal cutting capacity up to 20in
  • Hydraulically driven, capable of subsea and surface cutting tasks
  • Low drive-speed
  • High torque
  • Automatic chain oiler
Stanley 20" Hydraulic Chainsaw

Stanley Hydraulic Grinder

The Stanley Tools GR29 underwater grinder is a hydraulically-driven 9in grinder suitable for a wide range of underwater cutting, cleaning and grinding applications.

The grinder can be fitted with multiple attachments including grinding and cutting wheels, cleaning brushes & scouring pads.


  • 9in cutting capacity
  •  Stainless steel spools & fasteners for corrosion resistance
  •  Oversize trigger-guard for diver safety and comfort
  •  Low drive speed for diver safety
  • High-torque, able to handle heavy-duty grinding operations with ease
Stanley Tools GR29 underwater grinder

Other Underwater Hydraulic Tools

Deep Bight Marine are also fully equipped with the following underwater tools, further extending our reach and capabilities in underwater construction and underwater demolition:

Cutoff Saw

Underwater Cut-off Saw

Ideal for cutting steel and concrete, the 10in Stanley Hydraulic cut-off saw uses standard abrasive or diamond blades and is highly effective for both underwater and topside cutting applications.

Impact Driver/Wood Drill

Underwater Drill and impact driver

The Stanley underwater wood drill also functions as an impact-driver, making this tool incredibly versatile for almost any underwater drilling or bolting applications. Employs a 1/2in square-drive and delivering 500 ft-lbs of torque.

Hammer Drill

Underwater Drill and impact driver

The Stanley Tools underwater hammer drill is designed for drilling into concrete, masonry, and timber. Capable of driving to a diameter of 2in and a depth of 29in, this underwater tool is ideal for installing anchor bolts into hard surfaces with ease.


Underwater jackhamer

Able to both break up hard materials such as concrete, rock, and coral, along with rod-driving capabilities, the Stanley underwater rock breaker is both versatile & powerful. It can be operated in any position, it makes debris clearance and rod-driving an easy task.

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