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Commercial Diving Services

Our company started in the year 2017 to accommodate the growing South Australian economy, including infrastructure and asset upgrades in both existing and new ones.

We are a commercial diving contractors comprised of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in heavy fabrication engineering and occupational diving. This expertise is combined to provide a highly unique skill set.

If you are a vessel owner or operator and have an asset in the ocean, river, reservoir or lake and you require support to inspect, remove, replace, repair, fabricate, install, or decommission, let us be of assistance.

Our Commercial Diving Services

Deep Bight Marine provides a full suite of commercial diving and subsea engineering services. Our extensive background in subsea engineering allows us to develop risk-mitigated solutions to complex subsea issues, delivered safely within tight budgets.

Get in touch with us today and experience the exceptional services we provide.

our equipment

Our commercial diving equipment is our life support kit and here at DBM, we always make sure to provide the worlds best equipment for our commercial diving services.

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Hard hat diving technology, Kirby morgan is the standard for construction diving worldwide. Featuring the 455 regulator, superior breathing performance for SSBA. Non conductive composite shell, with high impact resistance faceplate designed for the purpose. Ideal for welding and cutting the deep sea helmet is durable and safe for any overhead environment deemed hazardous to the diver. Has HD video, light and comms, The KM37 is the ultimate in diving safety. Used for the heaviest of work.


Versatile, durable also standard for commercial diving. Can be used by a standby diver for a fast rescue in case of emergency. With its neoprene hood for easy on and off without assistance. The KMB 18 also features a hard faceplate and shell for diver safety in overhead environments. Featuring the 350 regulator for very low resistant inhalation and high gas flow, the diver breathes easier and works harder. Also has HD video, light, comms. Used for medium range work.


Generally used for quick inspections, not used for construction, may be used by a standby diver, used for light work.

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