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Air Tools

Deep Bight Marine are fully-equipped with a full suite of pneumatic (air-driven) subsea tools that are lightweight, safe and easy for a diver to operate in a wide range of conditions.

Due to the nature of the underwater environment, pneumatic tools are best suited in shallow water applications(< 10 MSW) and light work-tasks.

For heavier tasks & deeper water tooling solutions, please see our hydraulic tool capabilities.

All our air tools include positive dead-man switches to ensure the safety of the diver & prevent unexpected activation of the tool.

See our full range of pneumatic equipment below.

If you have an underwater construction project, get in touch with our subsea solutions team today!

Pneumatic Air Tools

Pneumatic grinder

Pneumatic Grinder

pneumatic die grinder

Pneumatic Die-Grinder

Pneumatic drill

Pneumatic Drill

pneumatic impact driver

Pneumatic Impact Driver

pneumatic needle scaler

Pneumatic Needle Scaler

pneumatic cut-off tool

Pneumatic Cut-Off Tool

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