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We aim to provide a world class commercial diving & subsea engineering service to the state of South Australia and to gainfully employ local talent as much as possible.We endeavour to inspire the next generation of divers and engineers to go deeper and think sharper.

Deep Bight Marine are a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in Heavy Fabrication Engineering  and Occupational Diving. These expertise combined provide a highly unique skill set.

We proudly service all sectors of the South Australian subsea industry. Go ahead and contact us today, let the subsea solutions people handle it!


our team

The Deep Bight Marine diving team shall be classically trained by Australia’s internationally recognised diving standard: ADAS. In particular AS 2815 Training and Certification of Occupational Divers . Or international equivalent .Occupational diving is a high risk occupation that requires candidates and certified divers to be exposed to the hazards of hyperbaric and aquatic environments. Occupational diving can be a very demanding career. It requires a high degree of physical and psychological fitness that means they will need to be very fit initially and will need to keep themselves in top condition.

Candidates will be required to enter and exit the water from boats, piers and jetties and to assist other team members to do so. They will need to don and doff relatively heavy items such as weight belts and scuba tanks, to load and unload equipment from vehicles and to rescue and recover their team mates from the water in simulated (and perhaps real) emergencies. Candidates must be able to communicate clearly and accurately with team mates and supervisors, to relay instructions to and from divers underwater, to write accurate, clear, concise and legible reports on inspections and underwater work and to carry out reasonably complex mathematical calculations involving pressure, time, depth, changes in buoyancy, decompression etc.In the interests of personal and team safety, no allowances can be made for any disability which affects the capacity of a candidate to operate as a fully functioning dive team member.

Employers who are aware and concerned about their duties and responsibilities under the law will always, therefore, employ ADAS-certified divers;In Australia, most divers are required by law to have an ADAS certificate before they can enter the occupational diving workforce. ADAS certification provides the legally required entry qualification necessary to work in onshore construction diving, the offshore oil and gas industry and aquaculture diving in South Australia.

AS/NZS 2299.1:2015 requires divers to be at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit for divers providing the diver has sufficient health and fitness.

Our teams member are all able to stand up to the rigours of occupational diving and as client specific jobs arise, a team suitable for said scope of works shall be mobilised as availability presents. The number of personnel in the dive team will vary according to the dive plan on the day.The result of such a high level of training and professionalism extends to our clients asset integrity. We do intend to furnish an honest, modest, it is what it is approach to our delivery in services, in good will and intention.

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